Drive traffic to your next open house!

So we have all used google ads and facebook ads with opposing reviews from agents who have used it glowing results and deals and not stellar results in some agents. This would lead most of us to think what are we missing why does this magic bullet not work every time? In the world of digital marketing everything is constantly changing and what works today and is super effective can be less effective or have to be tweaked in the future to make it more effective again.

Facebook ads are one of those areas. They are great for lead generation and to build a following of potential future clients who will view your future facebook posts on your page. In most parts real estate markets right now (december 2016) there is a very little inventory and listings are selling relatively quickly. Often in some markets there has been multiple offers on certain dates. The new world of real estate buyers and sellers are armed with information these days and doing searches on their own. Why not target the potential future buyers and sellers upstream. If you dont have an agent and are looking at properties odds are you will attend many open houses with out having to make an appointment and form your own view of the market. These are precisely the real estate buyers and sellers that realtors should be Targeting by advertising their open houses. Advertising open houses on facebook is a great strategy for these ads because it takes the pressure away from buyers as they can show up without an appointment and know the house is still available. A buyer attended an open house experiences the house and property with out the commitment of working with an agent so they are more likely to attend an open house. In this market the reality is that the property will sell either way but as realtors you greatest resume is the great work you are doing for your clients by marketing their property so why not put your best foot forward and show other potential future clients what you do for your current clients by advertising a just listed, open house or just sold on facebook.

There are 2 facebook case studies where real estate agents using facebook ads and instagram ads on open houses drove more attendance, online impressions, clicks specifically to their open house listing. All you need is one interested party to make a difference at your open house so its worth of for such a low cost.

Check out these examples.

Chicago realtor gets a buyer and 9 buyer inquires off a facebook ad on a hot listing

Austin realtor gets 3.5 times more attendance at open house when she ran a ad vs not running the ad

We know agents are busy espspecially with a todo list a mile long when you get a listing. With so much on your plate give us a call and we will handle the facebook open house ads for you. You get to look like a star and know your advertising is taken care $79 you can send the link of the open house ad to your seller and enjoy the extra traffic at your open house and concentrate on selling homes. Try it yourself on your next open house or give us a call at 647 931 7109 and we will do it for you.

If you want to do the ads yourself thats a great idea as well and we can offer you training to use the latest facebook techniques on your own. give us a call to schedule a training 647 931 7109

Here are examples of how an ad would look.