8 Realtor Must Do Marketing Tips for your next real estate listing even if it sells fast!

I speak with a number of realtors across Canada and with current market demands the properties are selling either way and fast. So as soon as most realtors have a listing its gone within a few weeks. The good news is as a listing agent its easier to satisfy your clients because your mission is accomplished and they are happy. However are you really taking full advantage of this opportunity to turn this listing into future clients?

After all, every listing an agent has is their resume to future clients of what they are doing to market and sell real estate. So why not make the most of your resume and use this to do list to maximize the listing exposure for your clients and for yourself.

10 things you should do to market every real estate listing you get even if its gonna sell either way

1. 5 days before the listing is going up for sale door knock the surrounding homes near the listing and drop off a open house flyer for the neighborhood only that way you can invite the neighbors for a specific neighborhood only open house and they can get to know the listing and you the realtor.

2. Hold a neighborhood open house and a regular to the public open house. The reason you would hold a neighbors only open house is because we often have loved ones and friends that we would love to live in the neighborhood and there is no bigger advocate than a neighbor who loves living in the neighborhood. Also if you are trying to work more in a certain area then its a pressure free way to meet the neighbors and let them know what a great realtor you are and that you work the neighborhood.

3. 5 days before the listing is going up for sale add a one picture “Coming soon” ad on craigslist, kijiji, all your social media profiles including your facebook page, instagram, twitter, linked in.

4. Run a facebook ad for “Just listed” “Coming soon” or “Open house.” You can run a “coming soon for sale” ad on facebook as a one time ad targeting the demographics and interests that are in sync with that property. If you want training on the differing interests and targeting options on facebook we can help you. There are hundreds of interests that will differ for each type of property the more specific your ad interests are to the property the better. If you are too busy with you listing no worries we can help by running the ad for you and it will show with your facebook page.

5. The day or night before the open house day cold call the neighbors on the phone to simply invite them out to the open house no big sales pitch just an invite to satisfy their curiosity.

6. Send out an email blast to all your sphere of influence and past clients letting them know about the listing and the open house date.

7. Property sold! and happy clients mission accomplished! Or is it? If you have permission from your sellers and the buyers of the property to advertise why not take advantage of that and send out a “just sold” advertisement through facebook marketing in the city so curious people can inquire with you what the property sold for. There is nothing more exciting for a neighbor than knowing their home went up in price.

8. Call all the neighbors you met during the open house and let them know the property sold. There is nothing more exciting for a neighbor than knowing whats happening down the street and how much it sold for. You hold valuable information that not everyone seeks out but is happy to know about. Why not take the opportunity to get to know the neighbors and make them happy with good news.

In the goal focused moment of getting a listing ready for sale its easy to ignore all these potential steps listed here. But following some extra ground work and post sale work and advertising can make a big difference between you getting more money for you clients and also getting new clients all from this one listing. So “make it count” advertise your listing and let the neighbors and your sphere of influence know about it.

If you have ever done a facebook ad then you may know some basic steps but are you really taking advantage of all the interests facebook has that would be relevant to each type of property? There are many different interests where you can driil down to a super relevant audience. We will help train you on the varying tactics you can use. If you dont have time for training we can run the ad for you so its another checkmark off your list of things to do. Call or text us at 647 931 7109